Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our City Streets Are In Horrific Condition!!! To the Government Entities of our Nation: Please Rebuild Our Streets and Our Infrastructure!

February 13th, 2011

The City Streets Throughout Much of Our Nation Are In Horrific Condition - at least in most of the nation where I have visited during the recent past and particularly in the majority of the northeastern portion of our American Nation!!! (This subject is a recurring theme in this and many of my blogs, btw.)

And, please don't get me wrong, it's certainly not just the city streets that are in horrific condition either. Rebuild them all!! That's what I have to say about it!

To the Government Entities of our Nation: Please Rebuild Our Streets and Our Infrastructure! Must WE the populace beg for you to act and actually rebuild the roads (and not merely fill the potholes and/or lay a minimal amount of asphalt to cover the horrific road-scapes - which, of course is better than nothing, but...)?

Or, would it be better for the populace to play 'hardball' and demand that the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution be repealed so that we may hold government entities responsible and liable for the continued damage to our vehicles as a result of traversing the horrific roads throughout our Nation?

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Massive Water Main Breaks and Gas Main Explosions Continue. REBUILD OUR CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE! (PLEASE?!?)

February 11th, 2011

Though this blog is a bit overdue, the infrastructure of our Nation continues to crumble and decay. While costing us time and money, the crumbling infrastructure also continues to claim innocent lives – as I have blogged herein several times before. I have to wonder, are our government officials now also waiting to give these infrastructure efforts and jobs to workers from Asia as well? What is the reason for the delay? Furthermore, if such efforts of rebuilding our infrastructure had been continually underway, the latest economic depression would surely have not been as severe to many of our domestic industries as it was. However, to effect this effort, maybe we need to repeal the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution to hold our governments responsible for the neglect of our infrastructure. (

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts Catches Illegal Snow Dumping in River. I say: ‘Hire Me for a Simple Win-Win Resolution to this Matter.’

February 1, 2011

NECN News, as well as many others, is reporting of how the Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts, followed trucks illegally dumping snow in the Merrimack River at a site in his town to determine the owners of the trucks. Of course, the illegal dumping of snow into the river is reportedly in violation of EPA rules (Clean Water Act) and potentially causes environmental issues down-river as well as to the water table which likely provides drinking water to much of the Boston region. (But we probably can be sure that such problems would not be anything new for our culture and society.)

I would suggest that Mayor Lantigua employ me as a consultant in this matter. I am confident that I could ensure a ‘win-win’ outcome for all parties in this situation. Furthermore, it would seem that this issue could be resolved in an environmentally compliant manner. I could arrange any solution so that the only problem the Mayor and City of Lawrence would have to contend with is what to do with the ensuing positive cash flow. (If I were to help you, however, I would prefer that the positive cash flow to come be applied to the education budgets in your city.)

Mayor Lantigua, please call me or send me an email if you would like to enlist my services to effect a ‘win-win’ outcome concerning the illegal dumping of snow in your city.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Trucks caught on camera dumping snow in Merrimack River