Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Remote-Keylessly Alarmed

So like…, well after midnight a couple of nights ago, I was located on a first-floor underground parking garage – maintenance-workin’ my vehicle.  When, for no apparent reason, a Ford SUV type thing parked opposite of me started chirping and its doors started locking and unlocking a handful of times.  Odd, I thought.  (Like…, maybe the owner was nearby and playing with the vehicle’s remote keyless entry system?)  Then a Toyota SUV type thing parked right next to the Ford started doing the exact same thing, a couple of moments later.  

The coincidence made me wonder whether remote keyless systems are no longer secure, whether there was more going-on that Snowden didn’t tell us about or didn’t know to tell us, or something else had happened to cause the commotion.  Given how much time that I had spent in that garage prior to this experience, I had never heard all that happen.  It was strange.

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