Friday, October 25, 2013

The People's Court Puppy Case. I'm Still With Grotius!

October 25th, 2013.

To: Judge Marilyn Milian, The People’s Court (,

I enjoy your television show but I disagree with your recent ruling over the undelivered pick-of-the-litter puppy – which aired today on KCAL 9, Los Angeles.

Given the partial facts I heard from the case which included an offer of $450 for the pick-of-the-litter puppy, regarding the denial/rejection of the offer to buy a puppy after the breeder/offeree had apparently previously accepted the same offer and the subsequent law suit for the value of the puppy and lost profits in the form of future stud fees by the frustrated buyer/offeror which was the subject of your ruling, I disagree with your verdict for the plaintiff/offeror.  If anything, I would say the buyer/offeror is merely entitled to the return of her deposit.  Nevertheless it was sort of bizarre behavior by the breeder to not allow the plaintiff an opportunity to match the second offer.  But it was not bizarre at all for the breeder to accept the later/second offer from a third party which doubled the amount offered by the plaintiff for the same dog.   Either way, the breeder’s/offeree’s behavior was not contrary to contract law/theory, in my opinion.  As I have stated elsewhere still applies to this pick-of-the-litter puppy case: "I’m with Grotius."  (See:  I’m with Grotius – and maybe with Dodds too, but not with Dickerson; located at  

But in the end, I really have no problem with your awarding the plaintiff the value of the dog if that is what she had invested in the rescinded deal – if such a rescission actually took place, of which I am skeptical.  I am skeptical because I don't believe a deal was ever officially agreed upon nor was any deal actually set to transpire - as there was no writing in the matter, regardless of any feigned acceptance or not.  (Again, I didn’t hear all the facts as I tuned in late.) (See: ‘The peril of perjury and error is latent in the spoken promise’ – Cordozo; at

However, I wanted to blog that I disagree with the typical run-of-mill offer-and-acceptance baloney.  The offer has not been accepted until the full compensation/consideration has been exchanged, in my humble opinion (see the referenced link '...Grotius' above for more information).  Of course, many a law school may have many a problem with my outlook on many a legal matter – but nary an offeree would!   :)

Adam Trotter, P.E.   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gyroscopes in Space

Gyroscopes in space.  Or maybe…, gyroscopes within gyroscopes in space.  Redesigned, redundant and complementary generators – or motors, depending on one’s terminology and perspective.  Sort of a   gravity-driven power.

But..., to speak in “Star Trek” terms, could a photon torpedo type of energy be delivered and utilized?  Either way, better results might likely be had if we were to team together to that end, worth noting if you hadn’t already. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trader Joe’s Sues Vancouver’s Pirate Joe’s, now known as Irate Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s sues Vancouver’s Pirate Joe’s, now known as Irate Joe’s.  I think I might try to look into this matter some more before I make an actual blog entry on the topic.

AVT Sept., 2013

Background info for now:

August 20th, 2013

I first heard on the local Los Angeles television news that food-store destination Trader Joe’s has filed a lawsuit in Seattle against a Canadian merchant who travels to Washington State to purchase Trader Joe’s goods then resells the goods in Vancouver, British Columbia. (It seems like there could be jurisdictional problems to me, but...) As the news reported, 'Pirate Joe' regularly travels to nearby Washington State and purchases $22,000 worth of goods a month.  Originally, he said he did this for the Trader Joe’s crackers, as ‘one can’t find a decent cracker in Canada,’ he added.  No doubt!  Pirate Joe also originally said he would cease business when and if Trader Joe's ever opens a store in Canada (or Vancouver, I don’t remember).

Now, Trader Joe’s has decided to put a stop to it all and has filed suit against Pirate Joe's.

Some reference articles:
Trader Joe's Wants to Shut Down Pirate Joe's Store in Vancouver

David Vs. Goliath, Trader Joe's Sues Independent Reseller "Pirate Joe"

Trader Joe's Torpedoes Pirate Joe's, Sues Its Own 'Best Customer'

Pirate Joe's: Vancouver business sued for reselling Trader Joe's faves

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seigniorage: An Inflation Tax to Benefit the Overlord – a Survey.

Assume the following facts to be true and answer the question that follows:

If the overlord is not to be deprived of his seigniory. (See:  Braswell v. Braswell, 195 Va. 971 at 975, 81 S.E. 2d 560 at 562 (1954), a property case on Doctrine of Worthier Title.)

And, seigniorage (a.k.a. ‘inflation tax’) is to be collected by those
              who print/control currency.

The entity that prints/controls the currency is the overlord:

(*edit Oct. 30th, 2015. I maybe should clarify and say, "The entity to which the money is given immediately after it is printed is the overlord:" )

___ Always

___ Never

___ Sometimes

___ Uncertain from the facts given

(You can give your answer to this question on the SurveyMonkey link immediately above which should take you to the survey located at: )

FYI / Definitions:

seign·ior·y : 

The power, rank, or estate of a feudal lord. Also called signory.

[Middle English seigniorie, from Old French, from seignor, seignior; see seignior.]

seigniory, signory:
n pl -gniories, -gnories
1. (Historical Terms) less common names for a seigneury
2. (Historical Terms) (in England) the fee or manor of a seignior; a feudal domain
3. (Historical Terms) the authority of a seignior or the relationship between him and his tenants
4. (Historical Terms) a body of lords


Definition of SEIGNIORAGE
: a government revenue from the manufacture of coins calculated as the difference between the face value and the metal value of the coins

sei·gnior·age or sei·gnor·age

Middle English seigneurage, from Anglo-French seignurage right of the lord (especially to coin money), from seignur
First Known Use: 15th century

What Is Seigniorage?
Another way to look at it (but maybe not how I would explain it):

Wikipedia’s way of explaining it.  (Wikipedia’s maybe not good for reference but it’s often good to see opposing viewpoints in the same webpage document, nevertheless.)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unsteady Alternator / Voltmeter Instrument Gauge Readings.

Unsteady Alternator / Voltmeter Instrument Gauge Readings.

May 29th, 2013

For anyone who reads this blog entry who might be experiencing an unsteady instrument gauge which is intended to display the voltage output of their vehicle’s alternator, don’t act too hastily in spending alot of money to replace parts that may not need replacing.  If you are chasing what appears to be a ghost in your machine that suddenly caused/causes your alternator output gauge to bounce in what appears as an unrealistic fashion, fear not. 

If you are driving a vehicle with a removable instrument panel, merely remove it gently, gently clean the contacts on the back side of the cluster with a rag and some rubbing alcohol or the likes, and gently re-install the instrument panel (the panel may include the speedometer, tachometer, voltage, fuel, temperature, and oil pressure gauges).  Be careful not to mess up the position of the contacts when cleaning them.  It’s an easy process to remove the cluster and it is well-documented on the internet (just google it to find a step by step process on how to remove the instrument cluster).  Even if you might have a bad voltmeter/alternator gauge, it’s a good gamble to remove and re-install the cluster (at minimal or no cost) before paying (approx. $400) to have the cluster reconditioned which may not be necessary.  And, it’s a good bet that removing and reconnecting the instrument cluster will solve your erratic alternator gauge problem anyhow – as the problem is just as likely as to be an oxidized or loosened contact which occurred over the live of the vehicle to date.

Don’t listen to all the others giving advice over the internet who obviously have not seen this condition reflected in a dashboard mounted voltmeter gauge.  Though they mean well, those others are the folks who likely are posting advice like: to replace the alternator, to replace the battery, to replace the starter, to replace the ground-straps, to clean the fuel injection system, and to start looking at the vehicle’s computer and its connections.   Again, it is unlikely that they have seen such an unrealistic bounce in a voltage gauge, as we have.  For instance, there is no way that a small ‘hunt’ or ‘wander’ in engine idle speed will cause an alternator gauge to bounce as drastically as it can when the contacts are not properly connected as I am describing here.  The others posting advice likely have never seen a alternator gauge instantaneously bounce from mid-span down to battery level and then a moment later bounce back to full charge levels – and do it all so quickly and without reason or without any apparent effect of what would otherwise be an electrical malfunction if the indication was truthful in actuality.  Those others are also likely to be unaware that this bounce in the gauge will appear merely with the key turned to the ‘on’ or ‘run’ position to therefore energize the gauge without the engine running and the alternator gauge still bounces even with a brand new, top-of-the-line battery installed and regardless of no apparent alternator or starter problems (problems which would likely be irrelevant without the engine running).

Don’t end up like many of the others who did not attempt this easy repair and who then spent alot of money trying  to chase this ‘ghost’ out of their machine nor end up like those who have merely resigned to live with the ghost’s high frequency, unrealistic, and erratic bouncing of the voltmeter gauge.  The only folks I know who actually repaired this issue did so as I am telling you here (which is to remove the cluster and then to clean the self-contained contacts on the flexible printed circuit board behind the cluster of gauges).  It’s an easy fix and much easier than it even sounds here and much cheaper than the potentially unnecessary alternative of needlessly replacing perfectly good components. 

Just take your time, and do the removal and cleaning process gently and easily – and remember: this blogs maintains no liability in providing this likely answer to your unsteady alternator gauge problem as described herein.   :)

AVT, P.E. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Cupboard was Bare Because….

The cupboard was bare because she had already given it all away. 

AVT (May, 2013)

Mother Hubbard Clause
See: Luthi v Evans, 223 Kan 622, 576 P2d 1064 (1978)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Slay a ‘Law’ – Papachristou Style. VC 22400

So the stage was set.  The duel was soon to begin.  It would be to the bitter end.  NO quarter would be given. NO prisoners taken.

Today, I was prepared to lay waste to a ‘law.’  Accentuated by vagueness, I had it in my sights, dead-to-right.  While I may have preferred to be doing otherwise, given the ‘law’ as it currently stood, I was envisioning its righteous slaying – I must admit.  Nevertheless, I continued to tell myself to hold steady and not fire until I could see the whites of this section of the code’s eyes.  When it would all come to fruition, maybe years down the road, I was convinced there would be nothing but mincemeat of those words that were once part of the VC, ... VC 22400 to be specific.  I planned to rip it from the  books.    

As I entered the venue which appeared as an amusement ride or a house of horrors – depending on one’s perspective, I had all I could do to hold my enthusiasm and maintain control on my nerves.  I did not want reveal my intentions or apprehensions relevant to the upcoming battle – as battle was the whole reason we had come to be together on this morning.  But concurrently I could not help but to think if there would be repercussions for the killing of this ‘law’ or ‘code.’  For instance, would the system seek retribution against me if I forcibly ripped a page from its ‘official book,’ I had to wonder?

As the roller-coaster slowly clinked and clanked its way up to the summit, I began to become more nervous in anticipation of the outrageous ride and wild descent that was surely soon to follow.  I worried, what if there were reinforcements afoot to aid this section of code of which I had not discovered and what if these same reinforcements were lying in wait to ambush me –  as if a trap?  I began to wonder if I were in fact the reluctant hunter as I had believed or if I was soon to become but another of this ‘code’s’ endless prey?  Nevertheless, I further entrenched my resolve to not go on the offensive until I could out-fox the system into displaying more of this ‘law’s’ weakness to me.  At which point, I would unleash my assault. 

As the coaster came to rest and sat on top of the high peak, all were in anticipation to see who would be the first to squeal in fear.  I remember turning away to collect myself for a moment and, for a split second at least, enjoy the view from the summit as well.  I again quickly reviewed my weaponry.  Red button exposed?  Check!  I thought, “I’m ready as I’ll ever be and…,  here we go…,’ I was thinking to myself. 

“Wait until the g-forces really start to multiply at which point the arrogance of this ‘law’ will surely further expose its own weaknesses,” I continued to repeat to myself.  At that unknown and most intense point of the ride – and probably not a moment before – I was convinced I would have my best shot to forever rid the citizenry of this menace – especially given how it is currently written, interpreted, and enforced. 

But the roller coaster didn’t go!  For what seemed like forever…, we sat at the peak waiting for the free-fall to begin.  But it didn’t move forward.

I remember waiting in eager anticipation.  Then, all of a sudden, it was if something changed.  I wasn’t really sure what was happening, but it was if the system had somehow become wise to my plans and it had not anticipated the carnage that could potentially follow the battle which was about to be had.  I mean…, surely the ‘section of the code’ had the power and  ability to return fire and fight back and possibly even overwhelm me and my stealth plans.  But I was sure that I had an invincible argument. 

However, again, it was if the system suddenly realized the damage I possibly could do to the enforcement of this ‘law’ and the hole that would be left in its books. That is to say, while in the end this ‘law’ could just as likely laid waste to me and my plans, it was almost just as likely, if not more likely, that it would be this ‘law’ that would be the casualty of the legal battle that was on the verge of raging.   And one thing of which we can all rest-assured, once set in motion, I had no intentions of stopping the carnage until this ‘law’ had become of less worth than the paper upon which it was enacted.  Either way, it would be a fairly good bet that this ‘law’ would likely be unrecognizable to its present form after the carnage.  Surely, only a shell would remain of what this ‘section of the code’ had historically represented to the system, and maybe the system didn’t like the thought of it all.  

And with that, all of a sudden, the roller coaster apparently disengaged and the machine clinked and clanked its way backwards from the peak and returned to the boarding platform.  At which point, the system assured me of my restitution – which is not the worst of possible endings, of course.  And the system then told me to “get out” and "leave."

Now, somewhat frustratingly, I had no battle to fight on this ‘law.’  As it remains then, I may no longer have standing to fight the battle anyhow, even if I had desired to do so.  One could liken it all to the oxygen being removed from a fire.  Like…, being all dressed-up for a big to-do only to have the happening cancelled at the last moment. 

I was well-prepared and heavily-armed with weighty precedents to fight the battle – which was to transpire on-board the speeding coaster as it whipped through space and time.  However, the system suddenly seemed to realize – or maybe it knew all along – that its best offensive against me was its own denial of any issue between us.  That…, or maybe it possibly came to like or respect me, and/or maybe it merely chose to be nice to me instead.  Either way, I suppose I will probably never really know for sure.

But should the reader of this blog find yourself or a friend in a similar situation where you are pitted against this ‘law’ or ‘section of the code,’ feel free to contact me.  ‘Cause, I might feel inclined to carry through with my plans of removing that ‘law’ from the public concern.

AVT  (beginning of April, 2013)


Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville, 405 U.S. 156, 92 S.Ct. 839 (1972).

V C Section 22400 Minimum Speed Law

Tool - The Pot.   (cool tune and kind’a bizarre unofficial video:)

(Note of May 14, 2022.  Try to see the infamous unofficial Tool video here, while it lasts anyhow.  It’s worth a look.  Maybe search my other blog entries for some thoughts on copyright laws too. )   : )