Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Build to Earthquake Building Codes Everywhere!

November 25th, 2014

Today there was an earthquake in Oklahoma.

Though I may not have blogged on the subject for a considerable amount of time, I am still a strong advocate for building any structures to meet/in accordance with earthquake building safety codes everywhere in the USA.  To me it appears negligent and maybe even reckless - if not merely silly - to not build to earthquake building safety codes everywhere in the nation because such phenomena seems to be able to happen nearly anywhere. 

Adam Trotter, P.E.

4.0 earthquake rattles Medford [Oklahoma] Tuesday morning

Earthquake Today in Washington, DC. Shakes Much of the Eastern U.S.

Earthquake Off Long Island, New York. Build to Earthquake Building Code Specifications Everywhere in U.S.!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Los Angeles and Orange County Traffic Solutions.

November 23rd, 2014

Hey Los Angeles and Orange County!  Would you like me to solve many of your vehicular traffic-jam and traffic congestion difficulties?  Many traffic flow problems seem like they could be solved without any earthen works at all!  Most of the solutions likely would only require a small crew and a day or so to reroute the traffic flow patterns.  

The roadway-planner people apparently are too stuck in their paradigms to make these easy fixes that would alleviate traffic congestion throughout the region.  I have contacted those folks with my ideas only to have those ideas dismissed out-of-hand.  The roadway designer folks don’t seem to understand the basics of traffic flow – that, or they like traffic to not flow and create a whole lot of pollution from car exhaust, the wasting of a lot of fuel, or something!

I guarantee that many of the roadway traffic difficulties can be alleviated and I would offer these solutions for no cost if the problems were not alleviated to the voting motorists’ satisfaction.  I would only ask that a referendum be sponsored and voted upon after-the-fact as to whether I should be paid anything for my efforts.  So, if the traffic nightmares are not reduced in the vicinity of my implemented ideas then it is unlikely that the voters would approve any pay for my efforts.  If certain freeway exchanges and the likes have better traffic flow after my efforts, then I would expect the voters to approve some amount of pay for my endeavors.  I mean…, we spend billions on these idiotic highway planners and highway workers forever working on the roads and yet they only rarely seem to make traffic any better.  

By the way, this blog entry is years overdue.  Having it take 2-1/2 hours to drive 30 miles down the freeway/highway the other day because of traffic congestion merely because the roadway planners can’t seem to figure out how traffic flow could be improved has finally pushed me to the brink of offering my services to fix this forever-ongoing problem.  Again, if I don’t make for better traffic flow with my efforts, then pay me nothing!

Adam Vernon Trotter, P.E. 

PS.  I would extend this same guarantee of alleviating roadway traffic congestion to the Boston, Houston, and NYC areas too – as well as any other metropolitan area that forever has absurd traffic jams.