Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seeking Bad Faith

When seeking to find bad faith, don’t forget to search for any dereliction of duty.  In that grey area, there’s no telling what one might find.

AVT (November, 2016)

Delaware General Corporation Law

Model Business Corporation Act (2006)

United States Corporate Law

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

And Destroy.

As we know, directed-energy could be utilized to excite a body to its resonant frequency and thereby eventually destroy any structure (and leave the surrounding environment unscathed).  Such destruction could manifest itself by way of fatigue in the components of the structure, if not for other reasons as well.  What if we could precisely pin-point that energy – as if using the blade of a saw?  It seems that such would be possible if one knew to utilize the proper frequency and maintain adequate control.  

AVT (July, 2016)  

Rise Up…

Electro-magnets should be able to levitate anything, thereby making the levitated mass nearly effortless to move. What’s more, it seems that any component/structure could become an electro-magnet and possibly not suffer any damage as a result (as everything is somewhat electromagnetic anyhow).   We know there likely is only one consistent phenomenon that seems nearly always able to defy gravity – well… actually, maybe two or three, but they are probably physically interdependent/related.

AVT (July, 2016)