Monday, December 19, 2011

Power Outage at the 49ers v. Steelers Monday Night Football Game.

December 19th, 2011

Do I really need to repeat it again…??!?

Rebuild the Nation’s Infrastructure!!!!!

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game featuring the San Francisco Forty-Niners hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers – a game which is on-going as I enter this blog, the stadium in San Francisco suffered an electrical power outage. The game was put on hold, or delayed, with about twelve plus minutes left in the second quarter of the first half. I’m not exactly sure how long the outage lasted as I had stepped away from watching the game for a few minutes, but the delay was at least significant to the flow of the game – without a doubt. (Subsequently I found the delay to be reported as 16 minutes. See the link below.)

The ESPN on-air personnel initially said after the power outage that there are two main power feeds to the stadium and one had not been working (throughout the game, I assume) and the second feed was being over-taxed or over-worked and blinking in and out of service (or something like that) - as there had also reportedly been a power outage before the game as well. Upon further investigation, the ESPN reporter somewhere in the stadium then reported that officials are being quiet as to what was the actual cause of the power outage – and quiet about the apparently embarrassing power outage in general.

[Aside from the fact of what’s the problem with the agencies and commissions of the State Government of California… which is a whole ‘nother issue and somewhat of another pet peeve of mine (as all long time readers of my blogs might be aware)… a pet peeve which might now also include the Government for the City of San Francisco (or PG&E or whomever)…]


Do I really need to repeat it again…??!?

Rebuild the Nation’s Infrastructure!!!!!

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

PS. And it's like… they wonder how to create jobs to get the nation out of this latest depression?!? It’s all nearly absurd - as evidenced by this power failure on Monday Night Football!

Two power outages at 49ers-Steelers

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too Many Sinkholes, Water Main and Gas Main Breaks

December 13th, 2011

Lately, there have been so many water main breaks, gas main breaks, and sinkholes reported nearly everywhere across the U.S. nation that I can't even attempt to keep up blogging on those which I hear about. So the matter is simple:


Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Large sinkhole forms on busy NH street

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Nouveau Tax Collection and Revenue Generating Initiative for California?


A Nouveau Tax Collection and Revenue Generating Initiative for California?


A Naked Promise

December 6th, 2011

A naked promise: Another odd concept as well as odd terminology from our society.

“It is said that when one receives a naked promise and such promise is not kept, he is no worse off than he was before the promise is made. He gave nothing for it, loses nothing by it, and upon its breach he suffers no recoverable damage.”

Stonestreet v. Southern Oil Co., 226 N.C. 261, 263, 37 S.E.2d 676, 677 (1946).

Further, “A bare promise, made without consideration, creates no legal rights and imposes no legal obligations. Its fulfillment is a matter of grace or favor on the part of the one making the promise.”

AVT       :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

No Utility Company Necessary….. for Free Electricity!

December 1st, 2011

If I were to attempt to reveal to the world how free electricity was available from the atmosphere, would Edison and Tesla turn over in their graves? Or…, would they be happy?

The average household in the U.S. typically uses five kilowatts of electricity a day. If I were to reveal how such an amount of electricity was freely available from the atmosphere, would the utility companies attempt to stifle my words? No solar, no coal, no wood, no natural gas, no propane, no ethanol, no methanol, no wind, no additional source of energy would ever be necessary. No infrastructure would be required either! No pollution or negative externalities of any kind….


Would I be hated by the ‘energy producers’ and utility companies for telling everyone how to get this free electricity from the atmosphere?

Free energy is there, everywhere!! It surrounds us! Have no doubt!

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Free Electricity for Everyone Everywhere! It Surrounds Us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Water Main Breaks in Studio City, Cal

November 9th, 2011

Studio City, California reportedly had "multiple" water main breaks a day or so ago. The massive amounts of water from the broken main flooded and closed streets and generally caused significant havoc to residents and motorists alike. The breaks were blamed on "old parts" - or something like that.

As I repeatedly blog:


Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

PS. I mean..., is the infrastructure under attack or is it really falling apart that quickly? Where are our politicians? Where are our tax dollars?

Ventura Boulevard Flooded After Water Main Breaks in Studio City,0,1326086.story

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Earthquakes in Oklahoma

November 8th, 2011

Over the last few days, areas in the State of Oklahoma have been rattled by earthquakes. “A 5.6 magnitude earthquake Saturday night was Oklahoma's most powerful ever, following a swarm of smaller tremors.” As I have repeatedly blogged: the time is at hand to BUILD TO EARTHQUAKE BUILDING CODE SPECIFICATIONS EVERYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES – there’s no valid reason not to do so.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Earthquakes Jar Oklahoma

Another earthquake in Oklahoma jars North Texas

Friday, October 14, 2011

Implied Warranties on Products

October 14th, 2011

If seeking to determine whether an implied warranty exists for a purchased product, contact me.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake Today in Washington, DC. Shakes Much of the Eastern U.S.

August 23rd, 2011

A few hours ago, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake shook the Washington DC area and much of the eastern United States. The quake sent people fleeing onto the streets from homes, businesses, and government buildings alike. Family and friends of this blogger report readily sensing the significant/violent “shake rattle and roll” of the quake throughout the northeastern portion of the U.S – from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area through New York City and Long Island and even as far north as the greater Boston region and out to Ohio as well. The quake maintained a reported epicenter located approximately in the middle of the State of Virginia.

As I have long been blogging:


Maybe this message eventually will be heard by someone?

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Earthquake rattles Washington area

Build to Earthquake Building Codes in U.S., Regardless of Location

Thursday, June 23, 2011

AMTRAK Asks SEPTA to Temporarily Stop Running Trains.

June 23rd, 2011

As reported today on Philadelphia’s WTXF Fox 29 News at 5 o’clock and again on its News at 6 o’clock, AMTRAK was forced to ask SEPTA (SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority) to temporarily stop running its trains on AMTRAK’s rails for some period of time as the rail system did not have enough power to run both rail system’s trains. As it was reported, such a lack of power for the trains was mostly a result of the extremely aged power system which powers the trains. It seems that much/many of the components which power the infrastructure of the rail system date back to the 1920’s and 1930’s. Riders from NJ Transit rail system commented that such a lack of power condition happens repeatedly to riders of that system (as AMTRAK owns much of the rails in the northeastern corridor of the nation). In fact, it was reported that three times during this past week alone, a condition of insufficient power has existed which has affected SEPTA’s rail system. (Similar delays were also reported between NYC and Boston today as well.)

As I am aware that President Obama and Congress has recently approved one point three billion dollars ($1,300,000,000) for capital improvements of AMTRAK’s rail system, it appears that the infrastructure repairs can not hit the streets (or rails) soon enough.

As I repeatedly blog:


Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Amtrak Runs Amok With Power Outages

In February 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which appropriated $1.3 billion to Amtrak for capital investment.

ARRA Projects:

Reports & Documents


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Water Main and Gas Main Breaks Continue…

June 9th, 2011

While significant amounts of work appears to be underway on many of the nation’s roadways, the gas main and water main systems seem to be in the same poor and antiquated conditions as always. During my limited travels, I have encountered water main breaks in Cambridge and Medford [among other breaks in] Massachusetts, Brighton New York, and a gas main break somewhere around the Fort Lee New Jersey area.

There are continually so many water main and gas main breaks in our nation that it is becoming difficult to locate the specific story information when searching for any given break – as there are so many reported breaks throughout the nation. Infrastructure failures such as these are becoming so common place that the news media sources are starting to not report on these matters. Don’t let anyone fool you, these types of catastrophic infrastructure failures can be dangerous in addition to being costly and inconvenient.

Rebuild nation’s infrastructure!!

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Crews battle water main break in Cambridge

Water main break repaired in Cambridge

Massive water main break closes West Medford Square

Brighton residents clean up after broken water main break

Old Bridge street reopens following gas main break

Garden State Parkway entrance ramp in Old Bridge remains closed following gas main break

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Earthquake in Philadelphia. Second Quake in Phila. Area this Month.

June 2nd, 2011

An earthquake rumbled parts of the City of Philadelphia, PA, a few days ago. The quake measured 1.9 on the seismic Richter scale, according to news sources and the US Geological Survey. It was the second reported quake in the greater Phila. Area this month. No injuries and only minor damage was reported as a result of the latest quake.


I take this opportunity to reiterate my long-standing position in support of constructing buildings in accordance with earthquake building codes/specifications everywhere in the U.S. Nation.


Earthquake caused boom in N.E. Philly

Mystery Boom Caused by Earthquake: USGS

Earthquake Off Long Island, New York. Build to Earthquake Building Code Specifications Everywhere in U.S.!!

Another previous blog on this subject:

Richter magnitude scale

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Politicians Who Increase Taxes Seem Ignorant of Basic Economics

May 21st, 2011

It would seem to me that any politician who supports increased taxes knows little – if anything – about the basic models of macroeconomics. As I recall, nearly the first week of any economics course teaches of what is called a “deadweight tax loss.” An increase in taxes creates what is called a “deadweight tax loss” to the overall economy – a loss which represents both a loss to suppliers/producers and a loss to consumers as well. Conversely, when taxes are decreased/lowered, whatever deadweight loss was associated with the difference in the lower tax is returned to the economy. As such, any politician who supports increased taxes then surely knows nothing of the basic models of macroeconomics, or the politicians simply don’t care about taking the consumers’ taxdollars to support the politicians’ political ‘rice bowls.’ The American politicians’ continued selling/prostitution of our American birthright to bankers and the politicians’ never-ending support for the off-shoring of our industries – which thereby also decreased tax revenues – does not justify any politicians’ continued devastation our economy by creating increased deadweight tax losses.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

PS. Additionally worth noting, the average/typical ‘corporate tax’ is just another way to tax the consumer, as any taxed corporation merely passes the tax on to its customers.

Tax and Deadweight Loss (note: Deadweight Loss and Tax Revenue at bottom)

Deadweight Loss

Deadweight Loss With A Tax for economics

Dead Weight Loss due to tax

Tax Avoidance and the Deadweight Loss of the Income Tax (Feldstein, 1995; interesting abstract – I didn’t read the paper)

Deadweight Loss (Remember, what I have said about avoiding any blind trust in Wikipedia)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Free Electricity for Everyone Everywhere! It Surrounds Us!

May 8th, 2011

As we all know, electricity is all around us in one form or another. Many may not be aware, however, that the electricity around us could likely be collected, harnessed, and utilized for our needs. While many sources may provide electrical energy to the human race, one naturally occurring source of free electricity, in particular, appears as feasibly promising for unfettered use. This preferred and naturally occurring source of electricity creates no pollution, appears as limitless [according to the laws of physics], and would likely require no significant capital investment to harness enough electricity to power a typical home. Currently, there is no way to assess the true quantitative or qualitative level of any volt-amp potential power that might be offered from this source of electricity. Consequently, it appears that no one really knows the amount of electricity that can be extracted from this source either. The irony with this matter is that this promising source for free electricity appears to be garnishing minimal attention from the scientific and commercial communities – if receiving any attention at all. But, nevertheless, this source of free electricity is available to all and it appears as though the generated electricity from this source could be easily gathered as well because this free electricity surrounds us everywhere in our daily lives.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Monday, April 25, 2011

U.S. War Machine Can’t Find Screws/Bolts Made in U.S.A.

April 24th, 2011 (Sunday)

As reported this past Friday on ABC’s World News (with Diane Sawyer), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is having difficulties finding items which are still made in the United States. As WE all know, the U.S. DoD has long been mandated to only purchase items which are manufactured in the United States. Such a mandate would assure that any necessary items would be available to our armed forces in time of war/international conflict – or so such was reasoned. As WE all also know, the U.S. Federal government could commandeer any manufacturing facility in the U.S. at any time under martial law (regardless of whether such a legal state has remained in place since the time of the U.S. Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, or otherwise). WE are all still further aware, the U.S. government has long-since facilitated the off-shoring of much of the U.S. manufacturing base. As such, it seems ironic that the beloved war machine of the U.S. government has now been befuddled by the contradictions of its own rules and its policy of having to buy made-in-America products but has since moved many of its manufacturers to foreign lands and can no longer buy its products from U.S. manufacturing outlets/operations. In the end, WE are all also aware that the U.S. Federal government merely requires the stroke of a pen to waive any rules or laws that supposedly apply to the Federal government – as the Federal government is apparently exempt from/above any Law/rule which it prefers to claim exemption, regardless of any original intent and likely contrary to the U.S. Federal Constitution as well.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

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Air Force Looks to China When American Manufacturing Falls Short

Monday, April 18, 2011

Massachusetts Governor Signs Bill to Increase Funding to Fix Roads and Bridges

April 18th, 2011

Bravo Governor Patrick!

Gov. Patrick signs bill to provide $200 million for local road and bridge projects


PS. This blog entry is a follow-on to my previous blog:
Boston Expressway Crumbles as Mass. Governor Goes Around-the-World to ‘Create Jobs’ (??)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flooding Continues in New Jersey, Despite Reported Federal Promises over the Last Several Years to Fix the Flooding Issues.

March 14th, 2011

As reported on WABC two nights ago, widespread flooding continues its annual occurrence through much of New Jersey. Local residents being interviewed on New York’s WABC Eleven O’Clock Eyewitness News stated that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had repeatedly (year-over-year) promised to remedy the water/dam controls that have apparently added to the flooding misery in the affected region. To date, no repairs appear to be on the horizon.

Surely one must begin to wonder – given all the waterway calamities of the last several decades, if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is merely another entity on the long list of inept Federal government agencies? Clearly, it appears that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been on hiatus on a never-ending government/taxpayer funded boondoggle throughout the agency’s recent existence. Given no reported official statement from the Corps of Engineers on this matter, we can then only guess.

From the article:
“NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- Water in northern New Jersey is slowly receding, but much of the region remained under water.

In Paterson, the Passaic River continues to spill into the streets, and a bridge was completely consumed. Homes along the Pompton River are still surrounded by water, while homes in Fairfield remain submerged.

A number of residents remain in shelters, and the situation doesn't look like it will get any better until at least midweek.

The floodwater may be slowly receding, but it's going to take much longer for life to start returning to normal. And residents know this will not be the last time.
"So it's like, do you want to live like this all the time?" Little Falls resident Joe Hida said. "It's very difficult to even watch this."

Emergency officials say it will be Tuesday at the earliest before anyone is allowed home in Little Falls. School was canceled there Monday, as well as in Paterson and Woodland Park.”

As I have repeatedly blogged: REBUILD OUR NATION’S CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE!!! Or, REPEAL THE ELEVENTH (11th) AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. FEDERAL CONSTITUTION and make our governments liable for their neglect and incompetence. Our government may not be able to stop natural disasters, but it can darn well better prepare for such – given all the money the government supposedly spends to these ends and towards such goals!

Adam Vernon Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Rivers slow to recede in New Jersey

Repeal the 11th Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution

Monday, March 14, 2011

Boston Expressway Crumbles as Mass. Governor Goes Around-the-World to ‘Create Jobs’ (??)

March 14th, 2011

As widely reported on local Boston television news a few days ago, one of the main arteries into the City of Boston (the state Capitol of Massachusetts) began to visibly crumble, develop a gaping hole, and was then closed to traffic during Friday morning rush-hour. Meanwhile, the governor of Massachusetts was traveling at taxpayer expense to the countries of Israel and the United Kingdom in supposed pursuit of job creation for the State of Massachusetts.

I mean, what is going on here? Are our elected officials in denial or are they merely stupid? The infrastructure is crumbling throughout the nation – even at their front door – and the politicians still claim to be unaware of how to create jobs?

REBUILD OUR NATION’S CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE!!! Believe me, such an effort would create alot of jobs!! (Have the contracts already been let to this end?)

It typically appears that our elected officials are either too self-serving, or they are not really concerned for the nation’s welfare, or they are completely inept!

As such: It seems the time is at hand to REPEAL THE ELEVENTH (11th) AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. FEDERAL CONSTITUTION and make our governments liable for their neglect and incompetence – either that, or maybe I will have to run for office myself (but with no political machine to back me, well….anyway).


Adam Vernon Trotter, P.E. / AVT

P.S. By the way, it always appeared to me the U.K. ‘fat-cats’ didn’t care much to employ their own workers in their nation. I don’t really understand why anyone would think those ‘fat-cats’ would really care one-way-or-the-other about employing American workers in the U.S. (Sorry, I had to add this last thought, too!)

Pothole opens on Bowker Overpass, cement falls

Big Hole Shuts Down Ramp From Boylston To Comm. Ave.

Patrick’s Israel trip nets no deals

Governor Patrick Talks Trade In Israel

Repeal the 11th Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution

After-thought, April 18th, 2011:
Massachusetts Governor Signs Bill to Increase Funding to Fix Roads and Bridges

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our City Streets Are In Horrific Condition!!! To the Government Entities of our Nation: Please Rebuild Our Streets and Our Infrastructure!

February 13th, 2011

The City Streets Throughout Much of Our Nation Are In Horrific Condition - at least in most of the nation where I have visited during the recent past and particularly in the majority of the northeastern portion of our American Nation!!! (This subject is a recurring theme in this and many of my blogs, btw.)

And, please don't get me wrong, it's certainly not just the city streets that are in horrific condition either. Rebuild them all!! That's what I have to say about it!

To the Government Entities of our Nation: Please Rebuild Our Streets and Our Infrastructure! Must WE the populace beg for you to act and actually rebuild the roads (and not merely fill the potholes and/or lay a minimal amount of asphalt to cover the horrific road-scapes - which, of course is better than nothing, but...)?

Or, would it be better for the populace to play 'hardball' and demand that the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution be repealed so that we may hold government entities responsible and liable for the continued damage to our vehicles as a result of traversing the horrific roads throughout our Nation?

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

PS. More may be added to this post in the near future.

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This blog is also posted at:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Massive Water Main Breaks and Gas Main Explosions Continue. REBUILD OUR CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE! (PLEASE?!?)

February 11th, 2011

Though this blog is a bit overdue, the infrastructure of our Nation continues to crumble and decay. While costing us time and money, the crumbling infrastructure also continues to claim innocent lives – as I have blogged herein several times before. I have to wonder, are our government officials now also waiting to give these infrastructure efforts and jobs to workers from Asia as well? What is the reason for the delay? Furthermore, if such efforts of rebuilding our infrastructure had been continually underway, the latest economic depression would surely have not been as severe to many of our domestic industries as it was. However, to effect this effort, maybe we need to repeal the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution to hold our governments responsible for the neglect of our infrastructure. (

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

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5 people dead after Allentown explosion

Gas Leak Forces Evacuation Of 30 Homes

Massive Water Main Break Ices D.C. Beltway In Md.

Water Main Break On Route 1 In Saugus

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts Catches Illegal Snow Dumping in River. I say: ‘Hire Me for a Simple Win-Win Resolution to this Matter.’

February 1, 2011

NECN News, as well as many others, is reporting of how the Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts, followed trucks illegally dumping snow in the Merrimack River at a site in his town to determine the owners of the trucks. Of course, the illegal dumping of snow into the river is reportedly in violation of EPA rules (Clean Water Act) and potentially causes environmental issues down-river as well as to the water table which likely provides drinking water to much of the Boston region. (But we probably can be sure that such problems would not be anything new for our culture and society.)

I would suggest that Mayor Lantigua employ me as a consultant in this matter. I am confident that I could ensure a ‘win-win’ outcome for all parties in this situation. Furthermore, it would seem that this issue could be resolved in an environmentally compliant manner. I could arrange any solution so that the only problem the Mayor and City of Lawrence would have to contend with is what to do with the ensuing positive cash flow. (If I were to help you, however, I would prefer that the positive cash flow to come be applied to the education budgets in your city.)

Mayor Lantigua, please call me or send me an email if you would like to enlist my services to effect a ‘win-win’ outcome concerning the illegal dumping of snow in your city.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Trucks caught on camera dumping snow in Merrimack River

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Natural Gas Main Explosion Today in Philadelphia

January 18th, 2011

As reported on Channel 5 News in NYC, there was a natural gas main explosion this evening in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, PA. No doubt, as these systems are in most of the rest of the country, I’m sure the reason for the explosion will be attributed to an antiquated gas main system and/or components. As of the time of the report, it appears that the explosion likely killed at least one individual.

I don’t know how many times I need to suggest such until the governments of our land ever seem to care or listen:


One has to wonder how many more innocent lives will be lost as a result of our aging and crumbling infrastructure systems before our inept governments become inclined to do anything about the miserable state of our infrastructure systems.

Adam Vernon Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why No Free Internet Access Over the Power Lines By Now?

January 13, 2011

So, why isn’t there free access to the internet via the electrical power lines to date? The technology has been available for some time by now and is reportedly being used in certain areas of the country. With such technology, one merely needs to plug a computer compatible with such technology into any electrical outlet and….BAMM!! … you are on the internet and ready to surf. So, why hasn’t the government made this technology available to everyone?

Is free access to the internet over the electrical power lines not available because:

A. The electrical utilities, internet companies, and governments can not decide how to divvy the resulting profits (utilizing power lines which were, and are, paid for by the taxpayers)?

B. The powers that be do not want, potentially, to put the internet provider companies out of business?

C. The powers that-be do not want the economically underprivileged to have the ability to educate themselves because they want a potentially steady pool of ignorant individuals to round up to send off to fight wars? (Even though people are no longer needed to fight wars, in reality.)

D. Some unknown combination of all of the above choices?

Adam Trotter / AVT

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Perpetual Motion Machine to Possibly Generate Electricity.

January 13th, 2011

I think I have devised a perpetual motion machine. What’s more, I think the device could generate electricity as well. Though, to be honest, others may have made the same claim in the past and may have done so with a similar design – I’m not sure at this point in time. But I believe any previous design to this end was probably somewhat different than what I have planned for my design. Then again, time will tell what the eddy current losses have to say as well as those that may have a vested interest against anyone having a potential source of free electricity.

I’ll let you know; Lord willing, that is. :)

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT