Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Minor Rains and Winds Leaves Thousands with No Electricity, Massive Water Main Break in Canoga Park.

October 5th, 2010

Over the last two days or so, the greater Los Angeles area has received a few fractions of an inch of rain. As a result, tens of thousands of homes have reportedly lost electrical power for some period of time. Furthermore, though no one is absolutely sure if such is related, a massive water main break this evening in the San Fernando Valley’s Canoga Park area has closed roadways and threatens the structural integrity of nearby buildings which house several businesses.

As taxpayers, how long must we repeatedly endure seeing the ever-increasing decay of our nation’s infrastructure with little apparent concern over the matter from our elected officials who oversee the cognizant utility companies???? I AGAIN SAY, REBUILD OUR NATION’S INFRASTRUCTURE!!! If such takes the election of an entirely new breed of politician, well so be it. If any typical politician has been in office for several decades to witness the decay of the nation’s infrastructure [and workforce], I say:

VOTE THE TYPICALLY SELF-SERVING BUMS OUT OF OFFICE!!! Let’s get some politicians in office that truly care for the well-being of the nation more than they care for their own self-centered desires.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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