Thursday, June 9, 2011

Water Main and Gas Main Breaks Continue…

June 9th, 2011

While significant amounts of work appears to be underway on many of the nation’s roadways, the gas main and water main systems seem to be in the same poor and antiquated conditions as always. During my limited travels, I have encountered water main breaks in Cambridge and Medford [among other breaks in] Massachusetts, Brighton New York, and a gas main break somewhere around the Fort Lee New Jersey area.

There are continually so many water main and gas main breaks in our nation that it is becoming difficult to locate the specific story information when searching for any given break – as there are so many reported breaks throughout the nation. Infrastructure failures such as these are becoming so common place that the news media sources are starting to not report on these matters. Don’t let anyone fool you, these types of catastrophic infrastructure failures can be dangerous in addition to being costly and inconvenient.

Rebuild nation’s infrastructure!!

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Crews battle water main break in Cambridge

Water main break repaired in Cambridge

Massive water main break closes West Medford Square

Brighton residents clean up after broken water main break

Old Bridge street reopens following gas main break

Garden State Parkway entrance ramp in Old Bridge remains closed following gas main break

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