Monday, December 19, 2011

Power Outage at the 49ers v. Steelers Monday Night Football Game.

December 19th, 2011

Do I really need to repeat it again…??!?

Rebuild the Nation’s Infrastructure!!!!!

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game featuring the San Francisco Forty-Niners hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers – a game which is on-going as I enter this blog, the stadium in San Francisco suffered an electrical power outage. The game was put on hold, or delayed, with about twelve plus minutes left in the second quarter of the first half. I’m not exactly sure how long the outage lasted as I had stepped away from watching the game for a few minutes, but the delay was at least significant to the flow of the game – without a doubt. (Subsequently I found the delay to be reported as 16 minutes. See the link below.)

The ESPN on-air personnel initially said after the power outage that there are two main power feeds to the stadium and one had not been working (throughout the game, I assume) and the second feed was being over-taxed or over-worked and blinking in and out of service (or something like that) - as there had also reportedly been a power outage before the game as well. Upon further investigation, the ESPN reporter somewhere in the stadium then reported that officials are being quiet as to what was the actual cause of the power outage – and quiet about the apparently embarrassing power outage in general.

[Aside from the fact of what’s the problem with the agencies and commissions of the State Government of California… which is a whole ‘nother issue and somewhat of another pet peeve of mine (as all long time readers of my blogs might be aware)… a pet peeve which might now also include the Government for the City of San Francisco (or PG&E or whomever)…]


Do I really need to repeat it again…??!?

Rebuild the Nation’s Infrastructure!!!!!

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

PS. And it's like… they wonder how to create jobs to get the nation out of this latest depression?!? It’s all nearly absurd - as evidenced by this power failure on Monday Night Football!

Two power outages at 49ers-Steelers

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  1. I agree, this is ridiculous. Two power outages in one game? On national television?! Unacceptable.

    Don't they have Demand Response programs to prevent things like this from happening? I read an article about companies like Energy Curtailment Specialists that work with the utilities to make sure blackout don't happen...especially in the middle of Monday Night Football! Perhaps Candlestick Park should give them a call.