Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trader Joe’s Sues Vancouver’s Pirate Joe’s, now known as Irate Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s sues Vancouver’s Pirate Joe’s, now known as Irate Joe’s.  I think I might try to look into this matter some more before I make an actual blog entry on the topic.

AVT Sept., 2013

Background info for now:

August 20th, 2013

I first heard on the local Los Angeles television news that food-store destination Trader Joe’s has filed a lawsuit in Seattle against a Canadian merchant who travels to Washington State to purchase Trader Joe’s goods then resells the goods in Vancouver, British Columbia. (It seems like there could be jurisdictional problems to me, but...) As the news reported, 'Pirate Joe' regularly travels to nearby Washington State and purchases $22,000 worth of goods a month.  Originally, he said he did this for the Trader Joe’s crackers, as ‘one can’t find a decent cracker in Canada,’ he added.  No doubt!  Pirate Joe also originally said he would cease business when and if Trader Joe's ever opens a store in Canada (or Vancouver, I don’t remember).

Now, Trader Joe’s has decided to put a stop to it all and has filed suit against Pirate Joe's.

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