Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Power Outage: Cyber Attack or Typical Gov’t Ineptitude?

Feb 3rd, 2013 - Superbowl Sunday.

Bravo to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the big game.  However, the extended electrical power outage at New Orleans' SuperDome was quite disturbing.  If the outage was a result of the usual matter of our aging infrastructure or as a result of our typical government ineptitude or government sponsored monopoly’s ineptitude, that’s one thing – as I’ve blogged many times before. 

But…, if it all turns out that the power outage was a result of some type of Chinese cyber attack or the likes, that’s another story!  ‘Cause they can kill our presidents and steal our money, but if anyone f…’s with our Superbowl, it’s likely time for war!!!

Then again, we have seen this before with 49ers games…  See:  Power Outage at the 49ers v. Steelers Monday Night Football Game at
   Maybe the reach of PG&E (49ers fans) is much more potent than we could have imagined.  

It will be interesting to see what they tell us and what they don’t tell us about this Superbowl power outage, no doubt!


PS.  Oh..., prbbly worth mentioning, I ain't really no retard.  Of course I am aware that the types of lights they have in stadiums can have a significant strike time. The question is what made the lights go off?

Superdome power outage halts Super Bowl XLVII

US mulls action against China cyberattacks

Chinese cyber attacks on West are widespread, experts say

Like..., would they tell us the truth anyhow?

Is the Nation Under Siege? Could We Trust the Nation’s Press to Tell Us?

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