Saturday, April 30, 2016

Solving California’s Water-Shortage Problems.

April 30, 2016

I believe I may have come up with an idea to solve California’s water shortage problem.  My envisioned solution appears to have essentially no negative externalities, environmental or otherwise – at least none appear on paper.  Of course, I will have to look into the matter further to determine the feasibility of it all.  The idea/model doesn’t seem as though it would be overly cost-prohibitive, however.    

I wonder if one of the CSU schools or if the Villanova folks would be interested in hearing-out my idea.  Because, in my experience, the UC schools seem to hold themselves in much higher esteem than would ever lower themselves to listen to the likes of me for much of anything.  The UC folks seem mostly to have all the answers to everything.  That, or they are also too paradigm-laden to be able to think very far outside-the-box on such matters and don’t have any use for the thoughts from one such as I – or at least that has been my impressions from my experiences in dealing with them in the past.  :(

Adam V. Trotter, PE.

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