Wednesday, March 28, 2018

U.S. Army Department Prepares for War with the “VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS” – a Brief Note.

There seems to be no end to the interesting news relevant to the newest expansion team in the National Hockey League, the “Vegas Golden Knights.”  Not the least of which is that the team likely will be the most successful first-year expansion team in sports history.[1]  “The Golden Knights are trying to become the first team in North American professional sports to finish first in its division in its inaugural season [minus some technical exceptions].”[2]
While Vegas appears to be betting on Vegas, the Vegas Golden Knights team could lose in another venue, the U.S.Patent and Trademark Office.  Because, it is with the PTO where the team could lose the rights to its name, due to the Army Department’s opposition. 
There is no shortage of stories telling of how the team decided on its name.  However, the following seems to sum it up nicely:
“The franchise is owned by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment LLC, run by Bill Foley. Mr. Foley’s interest in Knights apparently stems from his time attending West Point military academy.  West Point’s sports teams are known as the Black Knights.   Foley initially wanted to call the new hockey team the Black Knights but received push back from West Point, according to the Army Times.  Knights also appear in other Army teams – the U.S. Army Parachute Team is called the "Golden Knights,” and it appears Mr. Foley next moved his choice for a team name to the Golden Knights. “[3]
(From here the reported stories somewhat diverge as to what actually transpired leading up to the final decision on the hockey team’s name.[4])
The Army, for its part, does not seem amused with Mr. Foley’s choice of names for his team, and the Army appears to be mobilizing for war.[5] The Army Department has filed a Notice of Opposition to the “GOLDEN KNIGHTS” name with the PTO.[6]  The Army Dept. claims: use of the color scheme since 1919 (incl. current USMA hockey team); both parties are in the same field (sporting events); both use “GOLDEN KNIGHTS” (Army since 1962/67).  All amounting to confusion and suggesting a false connection and dilution of its common-law mark (trademark).[7]  Allying alongside the Army appears to be none other than the PTO itself – albeit in defense of College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY (owner of “GOLDEN KNIGHTS THE COLLEGE OF SAINT ROSE”).[8]  
Given the success of the Vegas Golden Knights team, the City of Las Vegas – and many hockey fans – appear to be bracing for battle.  Because, the City of Las Vegas appears ready to give the Army Dept. a middle-finger salute.[9]  The team notes, “no one has showed up at our hockey games complaining that they were expecting to see an acrobatic sky-diving team.”[10]
For now, calmer heads have prevailed, according to Trademarkology, as the parties have decided to try to negotiate a settlement.[11]  But this blogger is betting on the Vegas Golden Knights to win in the end, as this blogging consumer never experienced any such confusion in the matter until reading the Army Department’s Opposition.

Adam Trotter  (March, 2018) 

PS:  It's lookin' to be a good fight, if logos could talk!

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