Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Day a Virus Shut-Down Hollywood

It appears the Corona (COVID-19) virus has caused the Hollywood entertainment industry to temporarily close its production doors.  So, it appears I won’t be getting my big break in that untitled project-thingy next week after all.  Oh well, whatever’s meant to be will be, I suppose.  (See: “Coronavirus: How a virtual Hollywood shutdown will affect what you see on TV”, ; Also see: “Hollywood shuts down, Broadway goes dark to curb coronavirus cases”, ;  Also see:  “Coronavirus: TV Shows That Have Halted Or Delayed Production Amid Outbreak”, .)

So often it seems that life is full of irony laced with karma (or karma laced with irony).  And hopefully irony won’t come to bear upon me for blogging on this subject at this point in time. 

But not the least of this irony is that a virus, to which few Americans seem to be currently infected, has nearly taken-out several industries and business sectors (at least in SoCal), including the Hollywood film and television industry.  And the cause of the virus shutdown is seemingly a mere result of the fear of the virus and its unknown infection rate and not really due to its actual infection rate to date.  Because, as reported today, the virus has only infected 40 individuals in Los Angeles County – a county with a population of 10 million plus.  Moreover, the entire economy of the county as well as the nation appears about ready to grind to a halt in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus – regardless of whether the halted-economy is self-imposed or otherwise.  Also worth noting, I’m not judging the rationality of that fear with this blog entry, I’m merely stating the potential reality of it all at the time of this writing.    

However, while many other regions of the nation were fortunate to have an economic revival of sorts over the last few years in the majority of business sectors, such was not so much the case in SoCal – mostly due to the seeming desire by the State leadership in Sacramento apparently wanting to prevent any economic recovery in California.  That is, if due to the virus scare the economy was once again to become really bad as it was prior to the last few years of recovery in some other parts of the nation, the other parts of the nation at least had a bit of economic recovery to buffer any economic loss currently due to the virus fears.  However, for the most part in SoCal – due to the policies of the Sactown socialists, there is no current economic buffer zone for populace in SoCal. 

That’s why I say, regardless of politics, “win-win” outcomes are the best to which to aim.  Because, one never knows what the future holds.  And, for one to “win,” it’s not always necessary for an adversary to “lose.”  (See:  Adam Vernon Trotter Theory of Business Management, 

For example, the Sactown socialists could have allowed for some amount of recovery here in SoCal regardless if their apparent adversary in the White House may or may not have taken credit for it all.  Like…, for whose welfare is the main concern of the Sactown Socialists anyhow – the welfare of the populace or the welfare of the political rice-bowls of the individual Sactown politicians?  If the average SoCal resident had experienced some economic opportunity over these last few years, the citizenry here would be better prepared to weather any forced economic downturn due to the current virus fears.  

Even more ironic than the poor government and economic policies of socialists in Sacramento (“Sactown”), is that given all the deadly viruses to have come and gone over the last several decades, the one that appears to have infected so few appears to be the one to have the greatest economic effect of them all to date.  More irony abounds in that the government would look to blame the citizenry or any recently elected politician for the current economic dilemma which has been decades in the making.  Our politicians appeared to have nurtured the off-shoring of our economy for several decades – which has added to any commodity shortages in stores which in turn is adding to further fears of the virus.  (Check out: )  And now that that off-shoring has prevented getting products to market, it seems to this blogger that the blame should be especially placed for it all on the politicians who were in office for those last several decades and remain in/continually reelected into office to this day.  (Karma laced with a bit of irony, possibly.) 

Hence, vote those career politicians out of office!    

And hope or pray we all stay well.  

AVT (Mid-March, 2020)


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