Friday, June 18, 2010

Concerning the Armature Motor and Electrical Generator We Commonly Know as the Moon Orbiting the Earth….

For anyone that is interested, cares, or is paying any attention [or not], I believe I have gained insight concerning the puzzling phenomenon of the naturally occurring electrical armature motor/generator we know as the moon orbiting around the earth. This electrical motor consisting of the moon in orbit around the earth - no doubt - generates most likely unfathomable and as yet unquantifiable electrical force / potential. Of course, to date, neither has this unquantifiable electrical force been knowingly captured [per se] for usage by mankind.

Regardless, I believe I have may have determined how this electrical force / potential generated by the moon-earth armature motor/generator is represented from a physical viewpoint. I also believe I have likely ascertained how this electrical force / potential commonly and repeatedly manifests itself in the earth’s environment. And, believe it or not, we may already know how to harness the manifestation of this electrical force / potential by utilizing its effective appearance.

So, anyone out there interested? I often wonder if there would be any forward thinking universities out there that are not too encumbered by their paradigms for such a basic research study?

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

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