Friday, June 18, 2010

On Doubling the Efficiency of Electrical Generators and Motors…..

June 18th, 2010

I believe I may have a valid design that could lead to possibly doubling [or even quadrupling – or more] the output/efficiency of the typical electrical generator and armature motor, should the design prove to be successful. I need to do a bit more research first, however, before I can be certain this particular design has not been tried and failed in the past, if such is possible.

Shoot…, you know wha’? The design could even be a lead-in to the physically elusive phenomena of perpetual motion. Or…, then again, maybe not – of course. As we all know, theories don’t always work as good in real-life practice. But it is a simplistic idea that could be easily manufactured – or so it would seem anyhow. I must say, however, that the matter would be much more feasible if I were to have a forthright corporation, agency, or university supporting the effort.

Maybe someday before all too long, I’ll be able to let you know.

Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

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